Janata Engineering was established in 1992 at Chuadanga district in the Southern-Western region of Bangladesh. Md. Ole Ullah is the founder of this company. Since the inauguration of his career, applied technology became the centre point of Md. Ole Ullah's dream and aspiration. Company backwardness of the Southern-Western region disheartened him constantly. In particular, the question of transforming from conventional to modern mechanized system of cultivation for changing the destiny of our poverty-stricken rural peasants spellbound his imagination from the very beginning of his career. An aggressive preparation and homework was completed before taking real practical steps. Considering the unique local concentration of Agricultural Machinery Equipment Manufacturer of Bangladesh. Simultaneous with manufacturing activities, the Janata Engineering also highlighted Agro-machineries Development and Research as a major organizational objective for facing market challenges with a constantly updated quality of services.